Frequently Asked Questions for MobilityFit Physiotherapy

Q: What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

A: Physiotherapy is a primary form of health care that aims to improve and maintain individuals’ functional independence, prevent and manage pain and injury, promote fitness, health and wellness in the population. It is an evidence-based medical science that is concerned with the restoration of the body’s normal movement. Physiotherapists use their extensive knowledge of the body and how it works to properly assess, diagnose and treat patients. Physiotherapists use a number of different strategies and modalities in the rehabilitation process, specific to individual needs and areas affected.


Q: What kind of education do physiotherapists have?

A: Physiotherapy is a professional Master’s Degree (MSc), requiring two years of university in a Canadian physiotherapy program, following the completion of a four year undergraduate degree (BSc). During this program, students do placements in clinical settings, study academics and must pass a national exam. In addition, every physiotherapist must show yearly “evidence of ongoing learning” such as taking continuing education courses, and may be inspected every 5 years.


Q: Are your physiotherapists registered? Who regulates physiotherapists?

A: All physiotherapists in Ontario must be registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario that regulate and monitor the practice of physiotherapy. The college ensures the patients’ right to safe, competent and ethical care by physiotherapists. The college upholds the standards of practice of the profession and holds physiotherapists accountable to their practice. A physiotherapist is assigned a registration number that identifies them as a registered physiotherapist with the college and other stakeholders.


Q: How can I make an informed choice for my treatment?

A: A good start is to ask your family physician or another health care professional whose opinion you trust for their advice. You can also ask your family or friends about their experiences with physiotherapy treatments to gain more insight into a clinic’s practices. It also doesn’t cost anything to phone a clinic to ask questions or visit their websites. At MobilityFit we welcome any inquiries by telephone, in person or e-mail and invite you to visit our Facebook page or email us for more information.


Q: What does MobilityFit Physiotherapy offer?

A: At MobilityFit Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to providing accessible and high quality physiotherapy care for the St. Thomas area. We have 35 years of experience evaluating and treating a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions for people of all ages.

We emphasize one-on-one rehab programs, using exercise and pain control strategies. We offer LASER, ultrasound, interferential current and other modalities for pain management. Your personalized exercise programs are developed using our ToolsRG software.

We have access to all of the YMCA’s renovated facilities including the pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room and gym training and aerobic equipment to assist with your recovery. Pool and hot tub lifts are available for easy access into the aquatic facilities and the building is wheelchair accessible and parking is FREE!


Q: What about testimonials regarding physiotherapy treatments?

A: Physiotherapists rely on evidence based practice to guide their treatment. Because results can be highly variable between individuals, testimonials of physiotherapy care cannot reflect everyone’s treatment experience. We are required to adhere to the ‘Standards for Practice for Physiotherapists’ by the college which states that “quotes or testimonials from patients or service recipients” may not be advertised.


Q: Do I need a doctor’s referral?

A: Legally you do not need a doctor’s referral to access any type of physiotherapy service in Ontario. You are able to access these services on your own. However, OHIP and many extended health benefit plans do require a doctor’s referral in order to pay for physiotherapy treatment provided. It is best to check with your plan to meet their requirements for smooth processing. MobilityFit Physiotherapy is currently able to direct bill Great-West Life, Sunlife, Green Shield, Blue Cross, Veterans Affairs (DVA/VAC), WSIB and Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance.


Q: What will happen during my first visit?

A: Your visit with us is called an initial assessment. We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out paperwork essential to your physiotherapy care. Bring your health card and a list of any medication. For WSIB or MVA cases, bring any paperwork from your doctor, insurance company, employer or WSIB that pertains to your case. Wear comfortable clothes to allow access to your injured area.

During your first visit our office staff will introduce you to the clinic and show you to a private treatment room where our physiotherapist will conduct the initial assessment. This includes a medical history, information about the injury or health problem, relevant measurements and assessment tools. This is a time to ask questions, talk to the physiotherapist about your injury, your concerns and goals for treatment.

Your first treatment may include pain management modalities, hands on treatment, range of motion exercises or taping.

During this visit the physiotherapist may also decide that a home strengthening or stretching program may assist you, with information that will be useful to your rehabilitation.

A successful outcome requires problem solving and active participation throughout the sessions.


Q: Who will I see when I come to MobilityFit Physiotherapy?

A: MobilityFit Physiotherapy has a number of friendly and helpful staff that will be in the office during your visits. Our office has a physiotherapist, a physiotherapy assistant, office administrators and assistants to answer your questions, provide treatment and guidance along your road to recovery.

Because MobilityFit physiotherapy is located on the 2nd floor of the YMCA, you will also be greeted by the friendly front-desk staff, who will direct you to the stairs or elevator once you have signed in at their desk.

As part of the YMCA’s new Child Protection Policy, entrance to the facility and MobilityFit Physiotherapy is now controlled access. Patients and guests sign-in to proceed through the doors up the 2nd floor or to the elevator.


Q: How long will each treatment last?

A: Treatment length will vary and depend on the individual and what their treatment plan requires. In general, assessment and treatment visits can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour or longer depending on the components of care and use of the YMCA gym or pool.


Q: How many times will I need to come to physiotherapy?

A: How many visits will vary for each individual based on recovery and goals. At each visit you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment program and progress with the physiotherapist.


Q: Will coming to physiotherapy be painful?

A: At MobilityFit Physiotherapy, one of your primary goals is to reduce your pain through a variety of treatment modalities. Depending on your condition, some range of motion exercises or stretches may be uncomfortable in order to achieve full function. Our physiotherapist will explain your treatment process for recovery.


Q: What happens after I finish my physiotherapy treatment?

A: Physiotherapists can advise and recommended different types of therapeutic exercise programs (pool therapy, exercise and strength training programs, stretches) with the goal of rehabilitation and recovery to reclaim mobility and independence.


Q: What happens if my pain returns?

A: Our goal at MobilityFit is to help you achieve yours! Our staff will strive to answer your questions and concerns regarding your treatment process. Your treatment will be monitored and documented so that our physiotherapist can help you set realistic goals, maintain your gains and manage your condition over the long term.


Q: Do you offer other professional services at MobilityFit?

A: Our registered physiotherapist offers treatment as defined by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. If you require other services, we can provide you with information on local practitioners.


Q: I need a form filled out for insurance/work – how do I get this done?

A: MobilityFit Physiotherapy can help you figure out any paperwork or documentation you may receive from insurance companies, WSIB, employers or others. We can provide progress notes for your physicians, help with Functional Abilities Forms (FAF) for work, communicate with your case manager or insurance adjuster to facilitate the process. Additional costs may apply for some forms.


Q: Who pays for my physiotherapy?

A: There are a variety of treatment coverage options for physiotherapy. At MobilityFit Physiotherapy, we bill through WSIB cases (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board), motor vehicle accidents (through FSCO and insurance companies), OHIP (Ministry of Health) and Veteran’s Affairs (DVA/VAC). We can also bill some extended health providers directly such as Great West Life, Sunlife, Greenshield and Blue Cross depending on your provider plan or your place of employment. Eligibility rules vary depending on the payer.

While many insurance providers do cover physiotherapy, we cannot provide a definite answer for you. It is important that you contact your insurance provider prior to coming into your appointment to find out the type and amount of coverage that you have. Your plan may have a co-pay or percentage pay option or be combined with another benefit such as massage therapy. Contacting your provider is the only way you will be able to find out about your coverage.


Q: How does the billing work?

A: If we are able to bill your health provider directly, we will submit online and inform you on the coverage provided by the payer. You are responsible for paying any remaining amount. For private pay patients (who do not have extended health or direct billing), we accept regular payment by debit, credit cards, cash or cheque. WSIB, MVA, DVA and OHIP cases are billed through each system directly.


Q: Do I need to be a patient to take your therapeutic Tai Chi for Arthritis or Urban Poling Classes?

A: A physiotherapy assessment is required for all program participants so our physiotherapist has a better understanding of your current abilities and health concerns prior to starting the classes.


Q: How much does it cost to attend physiotherapy or your classes?

A: For more information about the cost of attending physiotherapy treatment or our Tai Chi for Arthritis and Urban Poling classes please contact our office at 519‑637‑8777.


Q: I still have questions about physiotherapy and your clinic.

A: If you still have any questions, contact our office Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 7 PM at 519‑637‑8777, or leave us a voicemail, fax at 519‑637‑8788 or email so that we can assist you personally.


Q: What can I find on your Facebook page?

A: You can view our Facebook page by searching ‘MobilityFit Physiotherapy’ to view regularly updated information about our clinic such as holiday hours, recent news, upcoming events or arthritis clinics. You can also take a virtual tour of our clinic and the YMCA facilities in our albums section. We often add links to useful websites or online articles. Check out and like our Facebook page!

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